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Angelo Farina is full professor of Environmental Technical Physics at the University of Parma

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Dipartimento Ingegneria ed Architettura - Via delle Scienze 181/A, 43124 PARMA, ITALY

Phone: +39 0521 905854. Fax: +39 0521 905705.   

Courses =>

In Academic Year 2023-2024 Angelo holds the following courses at the University of Parma:

Applied Acoustics (6 CFU, I cycle):
              Post-graduate (advanced) degrees in Physics, Engineering and Architecture

Efficienza Energetica e Termofisica dell'Edificio (9 CFU, II cycle):
              Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria Civile ed Ambientale

 This course is not being held in spring 2024, due to health problems.
 Students of this course should follow instead the following:

 FISICA TECNICA cod. 1005698

Click here for the complete list of courses held during previous academic years.

Online Exams =>

Exams are occasionally done online  

MS Teams access code, for being allowed to connect:   6lar3z9

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Receiving period =>

Tuesday, 10.45 to 12.45, in Building #7 (on appointment) or, better, online (MS Teams).

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My family =>

I have a wonderful (and very tough) wife, Grazia, two clever sons, Adriano and Giacomo, a nice family of Golden Retrievers and a collection of old Fantic Motor bikes and of old Yamaha XT bikes



  • Angelo was the main proponent and founder of the first spin-off company of the University of Parma, called Advanced Industrial Design in Acoustics (AIDA srl) which started activity in 2004.

  • Angelo is one of the three authors of Ramsete, a powerful computer program (based on the innovative Pyramid Tracing algorithm) for the simulation of the acoustics of closed spaces, which can be used also outdoors.

  • Angelo is the author of Aurora, a collection of plugins for measuring, filtering and convolving the Impulse Responses of theatres and other spaces.

The applications of this Virtual Acoustics technique range from subjective evaluation of the acoustic design to high quality reverberation and spatialisation of music for the broadcasting and recording industry.
A remarkable example of the results of the above research is the auralisation (virtual audio reconstruction) of ancient theatres, as the Teatro degli Intrepidi in Ferrara, the Teatro Greco-Romano in Siracusa , the Teatro Farnese in Parma or the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

  • Angelo is the author of DISIA, a package of  software tools aimed to simulation and mapping of environmental noise in urban areas.

This project was supported by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, and the DISIA package is now available for free usage to qualified subjects (research and no-profit institutions, public administration offices, etc.). 

  • A research project in which Angelo is actually involved is the improvement of car sound systems by means of the Auralization technique. This research is supported and coordinated by:

    ASK Automotive Industries, Reggio Emilia, Italy

  • Some pages about Ambisonics and SPS technologies are hosted on this web site. Angelo Farina is working with Ambisonics, Ambiophonics and Spatial PCM Sampling (SPS) methods since 1998.

Brief Curriculum Vitae
"Laurea" degree (5 years) in Civil Engineering at University of Bologna in 1982.
Ph.D in Technical Physics at University of Bologna in 1987.
Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna since 1 November 1986 and at the University of Parma since 1 March 1992.
Associated Professor in Technical Physics at the University of Parma since 1 November 1998.
Full Professor in Environmental Technical Physics at the University of Parma since 1 May 2005.

Full Member of the Audio Engineering Society, of the Acoustical Society of America and of the Italian Acoustics Association.

Main research activity: Acoustics.
In more details: concert halls, musical instruments, subjective preference, auralization, numerical models for large rooms (pyramid tracing), small cavities (finite elements) and outdoors (image sources). Advanced measurement techniques including sound intensity, MLS, modal analysis, digital recording. And recently also DSP implementations, Underwater Acoustics, stretched-pulse measurements.

For a more thorough curriculum, Click Here! 

Angelo Farina is the author of more than 300 scientific papers; most of them are in English. The large part of them are about various branches of Acoustics, although some are on thermal sciences and fluid dynamics.
Click Here to see the complete list of publications (all have active links to the original documents in PDF format!!!).

Angelo often produced remarkable presentations of his scientific work. Some of them are made available here as Powerpoint/PDF slide shows, including animations and sound samples.
Click here
for the list.

Public files
You can browse into the Public Directory of this server, where You can find some useful stuff (mainly measured or computed Impulse Responses in .WAV or .TIM format, anechoic sound samples, photos and open-source or public-domain software developed by Angelo Farina).

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