RAMSETE : Room Acoustics modeling on PC

Ramsete 3.02 Novel Full Release (with bugfix) is now available

Please go to the download directory and get the new complete installation package - no password is required, and the program works in "demo mode" even without the new USB memory stick!

Ramsete has been the first publicly available software for acoustical simulations based on the Pyramid Tracing computing scheme, which is quite different from traditional Ray Tracing or Cone Tracing schemes.

Briefly, the Pyramid Tracing algorithm is capable of solving the sound propagation problems in large enclosures or outdoors, following the Geometrical Acoustics assumptions. It takes into account specular and diffuse reflections over sound absorbing surfaces, being the absorption coefficient and the scattering coefficient defined over 10 octave bands. Furthermore, it takes into account diffraction over free edges of screens, energy passing through the panels (sound insulation), holes in large surfaces, windows or doors made of a material different from the surrounding surface.

Ramsete is also equipped with a powerful tool for auralization: the results of the simulation can be converted in a pressure impulse response, emulating carefully an IR measured with an omnidirectional microphone or with a binaural dummy head. By convolving anechoic speech or music with these IRs, one gets an audible rendering of the acoustical behaviour of a design.