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Ramsete is available in three different versions:

Ramsete Classic

Ramsete Light

Ramsete II

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Main Features:

Ramsete comes with a dedicated 3D-surface CAD (compatible with AutoCAD), a general purpose program for modeling the sound source's power and directivity, and powerful visualization and post processing utilities.

Ramsete is equipped with the format conversion utility Audio Converter : this enables the energy impulse responses to be converted in wide-band binaural pressure impulse responses, which can then be convolved with anechoic signals (speech, music or noise) to evaluate subjectively the simulated sound field. For understanding more about auralization through convolution, have a look at the Convolution page.
Furthermore, Ramsete can easily be interfaced with the companion auralization program, Aurora: it is one of the best convolution software available, but it can also be used with experimental impulse responses (for example obtained using MLSSA or TEF), and includes routines for generating MLS or IRS stimula and to deconvolve the impulse response from them. Please note that Aurora is a separate, stand-alone package, it is not shipped with Ramsete. The forthcoming Ramsete II program, anyway, shall include some of the auralization capabilities which are actually found only by separately purchasing Aurora. Ramsete software package has been restructured.

The Pyramid Tracing avoids the coverage problems previously found with conical beam tracers

The original tail correction implemented in Ramsete enables the reconstruction of the whole sound decay, without any "hybrid" approximation for the late part of it

A proper choice of the tail correction parameters Alfa and Beta enables very fast calculations with a little number of pyramids also in highly non sabinian cases

Ramsete features also some important, unusual modeling capabilities: