RAMSETE : Room Acoustics modeling on PC

Ramsete CAD

This program is a real 3D CAD system that can import and export DXF files generated by AutoCAD. You can work on many views at the same time: plant, sections and assonometry. This is an example of a typical Ramsete CAD screen.

There's a toolbar that allows the selection of all the main geometric entities: floor, wall, roof, door, window. The current cursor position is always displayed in the status bar

You can insert sources and receivers, all with their orientation. This is very important for directive sources and for Lateral Efficiency computation.

Geometric models are saved in a human readable .RAY format or in .DXF format readable by AutoCAD

You can view all material properties from within the cad. You can also search and replace materials.
You can draw arbitrary surfaces, grids of receivers or sources.