RAMSETE : Room Acoustics modeling on PC

Ramsete 2.7: new features added to the

Ramsete CAD:

Rotation around an arbitatry axis
You can see all materials parameters from within the CAD
Search and replace materials
Roof and surfaces with complex shapes
Receivers grid
Monopermeable surfaces (suited for industrial applications)
Linear sources emulation
Tool for drawing pipes
Used materials list
Project notes
Advanced DXF import/export


Source Manager:

Enhanced import of different file formats

Polar directivity graph of a loudspeaker

Arbitrary geometry of the source in the ISO 3744 module

The source geometry can be imported by a RAY file, and is saved in the .SPK file, so that it is displayed in Ramsete CAD
Import of CLF loudspeaker files

Ramsete Trace:

32 bit version
Pyramids path reconstruction
Management of monopermeable surfaces
Multiple diffraction paths
Surface scattering and edge diffusion


Material Manager:

Automatic conversion between α-Sabine e α-Ramsete
Graphical representation of all coefficients
Possibility to specify an ISO scattering coefficient s


Ramsete View:

Optimization of a e b parameters
Impulse response visualization
Sum of result files
Mapping using Surfer for Windows
Printing of the screen selection
Pyramids path visualization


Wave Convolver
Audio Converter

Both these modules have been suppressed in Ramsete 2.7


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