RAMSETE : Room Acoustics modeling on PC

Material Manager

This program has a spreadsheet-like interface where you can enter the acoustic properties of your materials. You can display and edit the following parameters for each frequency band (from 31.5 to 16000 Hz):
aRam       Alfa Ramsete
aSab        Alfa Sabine (ISO 354)
R            Sound Reduction Index (ISO 140/4)
s             Scattering coefficient (ISO 17497-1)

All materials have predefined values, but you can edit them or add special materials of your choice.
The program provides an automatic conversion between
a-Sabine and a-Ramsete.
You can have a graphical representation of all the coefficients.

You can insert manually the scattering coefficient.

For a complete list of available tools, look at the Help files