RAMSETE : Room Acoustics modeling on PC

Download - General Informations

Ramsete 3.02 release (05.01.2018) - No password required, also works in "demo" mode without the new USB memory stick!

Please, contact the publisher Spectra for prices and other commercial info. Remember that THEY ARE THE PUBLISHER, we (the authors) are not responsible for the commercial stuff.

If you want to test Ramsete, download the new version 3.02, which also works in "demo" mode...

The new version Ramsete 3.02 is also an "evaluation copy" of Ramsete. Unregistered users can test it, but are not entitled to ask for support.

If you are an unregistered user of Ramsete, we still appreciate your feedback, but be prepared to the fact that we will not necessarily provide answer to your problems.

E-Mail: farina@unipr.it

Please note:
Ramsete is NOT freeware! You need to purchase the hardware protection key (the new USB memory stick, replacing old dongles) for making the program work without "demo" restrictions. Please be aware that in "demo" mode Ramsete works with reduced accuracy, so do not consider this to be a "bug" - you do not have to provide feedback about this....

Crackers & Hackers
Cracking a program which was regularly downloaded from the publisher's site IS LEGAL here in Italy (D.L. 29 December 1992, n. 518, and subsequent modifications), provided that you do not make any profit from it, and that you do not redistribute the "cracked" software.

We are quite confident that our protection scheme based on hardware dongles is safe enough for avoiding crackers be able to break it. Nevertheless, it's your right to try! Simply, please do not bother us with requests about "how to crack Ramsete"... you have to find it yourself, if you are a serious hacker/cracker it should be no problem!

So, if you are able of decoding, installing and making it work, Ramsete is legally yours! We simply ask you to send us an E-Mail, telling us how you was successful in doing the crack. This is a good etiquette rule between developers and hackers (and, of course, this will be useful for improving our protection scheme).

However, provided that you managed to crack the protection scheme of Ramsete, you are only entitled to use it yourself, for no-profit evaluation. Be aware that, according to the Italian law, it is a crime to use cracked software for consultancy or other work resulting in an income to you. Furthermore, it is a crime also distributing the "crack" tool on P2P networks.