RAMSETE : Room Acoustics modeling on PC


RamSuite is a software platform able to deal with the analysis of different environmental components to achieve a comprehensive overview of the project as well as a optimize the processing time of the input data collection, including the introduction into the calculation model.
This integrated suite grows out of the experiences during the past years developing many software in different projects:
  • Ramsete and Disia
    (sound and noise propagation problems in large enclosures and outdoors)
  • MoniQA (atmosphere)
  • AidaEM (electromagnetic fields)
Partnership of experiences and researching teams leads up to develop a new software tool embedding some classic prediction models into a new generation framework.
This new suite enables the impact analysis of different environmental pollution including acoustic, atmospheric and electromagnetic sources. Default models used are well-known (as RLS, Shall, ISC3, CALINE, …) but this system also allows any integration of new algorithms starting from the same geometry file of the screening area. During then suite development priority has been given to the functional structure of  the modeling system and to ease the input data process also to not experienced and skilful users.
RamSuite in arranged to handle native XML data, but specific conversion features allow to automatically import exchange data files (e.g. DXF). Development makes use of Open Source libraries which allow porting with heterogeneous operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Simulation set-up is arranged by the user thanks to the program window, where input data can be directly and easily introduced; batch processing can be instead distributed on many computers of the same local area network. Output data of any simulations can be displayed immediately on the program window or can be imported in Surfer (® Golden Software inc.), a widespread program for maps interpolation and processing.
The easy use of this suite will allow for the first time to take account of three of the main pollution factors starting from the same geometry file of the screening area inside the same platform. This software, grown out of the experiences of development required by many Italian Government agencies few years ago, is now evolving to make his use public. Papers: Download paper1 RamSuite will be presented by the authors on: ICSV13 - Vienna July 2-06, 2006